Coconut Oil

Is Fiesta Tropicalé coconut oil supposed to be solid or liquid?

Both… just not at the same time. At above 75°F (25°C), coconut oil will stay liquid. Below that and it will be solid. Our coconut oil can be stored either way—and when stored as a solid, a bit of low-level heat will easily liquefy it.

Does Fiesta Tropicalé coconut oil need to be refrigerated?

No, our coconut oil does not need to be refrigerated. It can be stored at room temperature, and it’s best consumed before the date indicated on the package. However you choose to consume it is up to you.

Is coconut oil good for me?

​Fiesta Tropicalé coconut oil contains natural antioxidant properties of Vitamin E. It’s one of the richest plant sources of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that’s quickly absorbed by our bodies to use as fuel—they’re not stored as fat!

How do I bake with Fiesta Tropicalé coconut oil?

Simple enough: Use a 1:1 ratio in lieu of other oils. Fiesta Tropicalé coconut oil makes a great replacement for less healthy options like vegetable oils or shortening, which may contain GMOs and trans-fats.

Are your plastic jars BPA-Free?

Yes, of course. Fiesta Tropicalé uses non-BPA jars that are recyclable.


Where can I buy Fiesta Tropicalé products?

Our coconut products are available exclusively on Amazon U.S. and Amazon Prime. Click here to shop our products.

Coconut Milk

​Is Fiesta Tropicalé coconut milk dairy-free?

Yes, Fiesta Tropicalé coconut milk products are naturally dairy-free and lactose-free. They’re suitable for people with dairy allergies. No cow, no how.

Is Fiesta Tropicalé coconut milk gluten-free?

​Yes, Fiesta Tropicalé coconut milk products are gluten-free, just like our coconut oils.

Is Fiesta Tropicalé coconut milk vegan?

Yes, our coconut milk is vegan and purely plant-based! There are no animal-byproducts in our coconut milk. Our coconut milk has no added sugar and is dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

How long does Fiesta Tropicalé coconut milk stay fresh?

Unopened, our coconut milk stays fresh until the date stamped on the container. Once opened, you should keep coconut milk refrigerated and consume it within 2 days.

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